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Princess Lace Closure

De Royalty Princess -is high level quality hair. Steamed process hair, this process creates different curls,waves and pattern that aren't natural. This hair last long and style perfectly you can expect minimum shedding and tangles.

De Royalty Princess- hair colors well go blonde, red, copper etc.. color your hair to suit your needs or wear the natural hair color. All wavy and curly hair presses out straight and looks extremely natural, upon shampooing the curl or wave will return. The life span for the steamed textures depend on how you care for the hair, if cared for properly you can expect 6 months-1 year of fabulousness. Enjoy!

If you are having a hard time blending, concealing or heat demage at the top of your weave a Lace or Silk closure is the solution.
All closure are natural brown

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